Dimitri Zafirov And His Desire For Pixel Art

How to pursue arts base on digital artistry? If you want to become an expert in digital world, you need to know about the technology that feeds the information about digital art. There are universities that offer courses in digital arts engineering. It will show you the process and the uses of digital technology in the form of digital installation, virtual reality and net art.

Because of the advance technology some of the aspects of old arts have been transformed from old art to space-age art. In digital technology, the talk of the town nowadays is the making of virtual reality. It is the technology that involves the computer simulated environment between the user both real and imaginary. The visual experiences are showed in the computer screen which also being accompanied by the sounds through the speaker. The real world of the user imitated in the computer to look like genuine.

Another thing which they called digital installation; where in it uses the three-dimensional works to transform the insights of a particular space. This classic form of digital art incorporates a range of data from video, sound, performance, virtual reality and internet. Get detailed info about darkroom on online.

There are artists who create art using the internet as the platform and they are called net artist. This art is interactive, participatory and multimedia. It exist purely in the internet and its viewable same like those uploaded in the internet.

The art fields are very interesting because it allows you to be up-to-date and savvy. It shows you great intellect and motivates you to even strive harder in the technology world.

Dimitri Zafirov has a dreadful desire in digital art technology. His dream of securing a place in digital world; and to be influential in the field of pure intellect constitute a great self-expression. His passion in digital world drives him to be motivated in the field of technology.